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Master Bob Daigle

Born in Boston, head instructor, 7th degree black belt and former world champion, Bob Daigle began teaching in Grand Cayman in 1987.  Known to his students as Mr. D, he began competing at a very young age, first in gymnastics then in bodybuilding.  It wasn’t until the age of 19 that he found his true calling, martial arts.  In his first year of competition, he won the Massachusetts State Title and soon became New England Grand Champion.  Bob competed successful for several more years and in 1987 he moved to Grand Cayman.  Four months later, he opened Cayman Karate Academy and brought his passion for the sport of martial arts to the people of Cayman. He has taught thousands of men, women and children and has seen many of his students go on to reach great success.  His hard work and discipline also brought him personal success when at the age of 37 he was crowned 1997 Krane World Karate Champion. After several years away from teaching, Bob’s passion was re-ignited and Cayman Karate Academy was reopened. During this time, he was appointed Director of the World Cup of Mixed Martial Arts for the Caribbean and also organized many prominent tournaments in Cayman attended by many well renowned competitors.  At the age of 55 he returned to competition and won gold in the Kenpo Karate World Championship.  He continues to teach discipline, focus, respect and confidence to the youth of Cayman.

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